pixiliti – a creative network



pixiliti is a community for all media students and creatives. You can create an account, upload your projects and connect with other creatives. The projects are sorted by popularity and categories. The data will always belong to you and all rights will always stay with you. The projects with the most views and likes are listed on the top. That means you and your projects get lots of attention and you can rise your reputation and become more popular. Here are the key features:

• 100% free
• Present yourself and your projects
• Maximize your reputation
• Do companies pay attention to you
• Try to get to the homepage
• Try to get into the Hall of Fame
• Receive feedback from other users
• Get inspiration from other projects
• Connect you with other users
• Swap out with other users

• Your data belongs to you and ALL rights stay at you!!

• You always have the control over you data! you can always delete projects, comments, posts or even your whole user account. If you do so ALL related data will get deleted. There is nothing stored!


Please, Give it a try and If you like it please tell it to other creatives. Because the more we are the stronger the community will become.

Here are all important information gathered along with a video: www.pixiliti.com/tour.php

If you have further questions then feel free to write an email to info@pixiliti.de


01_shoutbox 02_startseite 03_charts 04_projekt 05_profil 06_einstellungen


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